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The Mission


LOL BE Cultural Center was formed over two decades ago by Maya Elder Hunbatz Men, to share and archive his scholarly and spiritual mission to liberate and activate humanity into its higher potential, through Indigenous and Cosmic traditional knowledge.

A Maya ceremonial center, LOL BE is the place where the ancient Maya Itza people settled down many thousands of years ago; and, from here they left to several other sites throughout Mexico and Central America.

Since Hunbatz Men’s passing in 2016, the land and facilities at LOL BE, where the cultural center once welcomed visitors and students from around the world, have remained mostly dormant, and the mission of this global learning community has remained largely unfulfilled… that is, until now!

The Land

The property of LOL BE occupies approximately 38 hectares (95 acres) in the tropical humid rainforest just outside the municipality of Xocchel, in the center part of the State of Yucatán, 52 km east of the capital city Mérida, on the main road between Merida and Cancun.

The land currently hosts structures, traditional Maya Itza ceremonial grounds, astro-observatory, museum, main house, full studio apartment, and an agricultural building.

There is a well house with access to a crystal clear aquifer, serving as a veritable ‘infinite’ source of pure, high pH, alkaline water from the caves and tunnels beneath LOL BE.

Great location

Located on the main road, halfway between Mérida and Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site receiving 2 million visitors annually

Hemp Agritourism

Pioneering hemp farming, using time-honored techniques, combined with agritourism to the site, to preserve and sustain land and culture

Abundant Water Source

The underground caves and tunnels system beneath the land at Lol Be provides a tested pure freshwater source with natural alkalinity

Empowering The Community

Hemp farming project will provide jobs for the local community, support youth education programs, and create a circular economy

The Future

LOL BE is located 25 minutes south of the future Tren Maya Izamal station. This new 1,525-kilometer intercity railway in Mexico will traverse the Yucatán Peninsula, helping connect those living in more rural areas to larger cities while also providing easier access to cultural, historical, and archaeological sites throughout the region. Construction began in June 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by 2024.

About LBF

In 2022, LOL BE Foundation (LBF) was initiated for the purpose of unifying and stewarding the land at LOL BE, and fulfilling Hunbatz Men’s ultimate vision of LOL BE becoming a thriving cultural learning center, once again welcoming students and travelers from around the world to experience the art, science, and spirituality of the traditional Maya Itza people, in harmony and connection with other indigenous worldviews.

In addition to land stewardship, the Foundation aims to archive, maintain, preserve, and disseminate the teachings, publications, writings, videos, curricula, and international relations developed by Hunbatz Men, over his lifetime.

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