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LOL BE Foundation

Welcome to the LOL BE Foundation, a project of the Foundation for Noöspheric Consciousness, where we strive to cultivate a thriving global community rooted in Indigenous wisdom, ecological sustainability, and cultural enrichment.

The Mission


LOL BE Cultural Center was formed over two decades ago by Maya Elder Hunbatz Men, to share and archive his scholarly and spiritual mission to liberate and activate humanity into its higher potential, through Indigenous and Cosmic traditional knowledge.

Located where the ancient Maya Itza people settled thousands of years ago, LOL BE is a Maya ceremonial center. Since Hunbatz Men’s passing in 2016, the cultural center’s facilities have remained mostly dormant. Today, we are reviving this mission to create a global learning community once more.

The Land

Preserving & Celebrating
Maya Heritage

The property of LOL BE occupies approximately 22 hectares (54 acres) in the tropical humid rainforest just outside the municipality of Xocchel, in the center part of the State of Yucatán, 52 km east of the capital city Mérida, on the main road between Mérida and Cancún. It is also located halfway between Mérida and Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage site that receives 2 million visitors annually.

Abundant Water Source

The underground caves and tunnels system beneath the land at LOL BE provides a plentiful source of pure, high pH, alkaline water, serving as a veritable ‘infinite’ source of clean water.

Great location

Situated on the main road between Mérida and Chichen Itza, LOL BE is easily accessible to visitors and scholars from around the world.

The Future

At LOL BE Foundation, we envision a holistic sanctuary that integrates organic crop cultivation, land preservation, healing arts, and cultural exchange. Our unique approach combines economic viability with environmental stewardship, fostering community growth and global consciousness.


About LBF

In 2022, LOL BE Foundation (LBF) was initiated for the purpose of unifying and stewarding the land at LOL BE, and fulfilling Hunbatz Men’s ultimate vision of LOL BE becoming a thriving cultural learning center, once again welcoming students and travelers from around the world to experience the art, science, and spirituality of the traditional Maya Itza people, in harmony and connection with other indigenous worldviews.

In addition to land stewardship, the Foundation aims to archive, maintain, preserve, and disseminate the teachings, publications, writings, videos, curricula, and international relations developed by Hunbatz Men, over his lifetime.

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LOL BE Foundation appreciates your generous support, as we steward and preserve Indigenous Land & Culture, for generations to come.

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